About Premier Plus: Our People

About Premier Plus: Our People


Our team consists of 120 full time staffs that are highly trained professionally are committed to satisfy customers’ demands. Being one of Johor’s one-stop property marketing consulting companies, the leading company in marketing residential property, we keep ourselves upgraded with the latest sales and marketing techniques. Our professional staffs are trained constantly and systematically to keep us in the forefront.


Moreover, our professional team is dynamic, performance-oriented, passionate and committed towards providing the best solutions and results to clients. We have an entire team who is fully trained, experienced and has a proven track record of achievements.


Most of our team members were ex-bankers, accountants (by profession), top property sales executives and ex-employees of property developers. They are highly familiar with the rules, laws and regulations involving property and loan-processing.


With our specialised and professional background, we have been able to comprehend the market in a more detailed way compared to our competitors. Furthermore, with our experience in managing over 60 projects by marketing thousands of residential units on behalf of various developers, we believe we do have enough experience and capability to troubleshoot any issues in the real estate industry.


As we are unique, we are able to analyse and convince customers to invest while carrying out comprehensive studies on various types of properties in the market. By having in-depth grasp of the packages available, our staffs are fully competent to provide the necessary explanations and briefings in detailed manner for various customers.


Furthermore, by having a “one stop center” of mortgage and loan services, it reliefs the customers of tediously searching for the relevant mortgage packages. Our team members are also capable to help the developer to expand their business and maximise its value for the organisation. They view clients as their partners and work hard to achieve qualified results.


In order to ensure excellent services and high closing ratio, our employees undergo award-winning trainings on effective selling strategies, brand immersion, mortgaging products, and compliance of issues. Besides, we also embedded a unique corporate culture; one that recognises the unique responsibility of protecting and representing the financial institution’s branding. Equipped with experience and integrity, our executive team brings forth additional depth of insight to our clients and strategic partners with our best efforts.