About Premier Plus: Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing


Premier Plus is one of the most innovative companies in the outsourced sales and marketing business. We strive to provide our clients with the best property-related products and services. Our experience in handling approximately more than 60 projects since establishment, gives us the ability to understand the market better compared to our competitors. This in return provides us the opportunity to showcase the best products that our clients can offer to the market. We focus on designing the best promotional solutions for our clients to ensure maximum exposure of the products to end users which will then eventually be converted into high volume of prospective customers.


Furthermore, our company has also hired reliable talents. We have the best sales team which consists of well-trained professionals who have undergone specific training process specially designed by our top management via the incorporation of certain techniques from successful countries such as US, Canada, Hong Kong etc. Thanks to our training methods, our company has been able to maintain strong sales results and deliver specified client product messages and philosophies appropriately to our end users.


We offer exceptional business models, enhanced through benchmarking insights, for a wider range of targeted final customers which often vary in today’s property market. Above all, we are committed to continuously improve our priority, which is to provide quality services through efficient delivery platforms; i.e. the people consistently. With this unique expertise, it differentiates us from any other competitors and ensures the most efficient and consistent revenue stream for our clients.


Branded Outsource Solutions for a Changing Market

We work hard to improve and enhance our service and overall delivery capability. Our capable team equipped with enhanced customers’ relationships becomes an extension of the brand, as this allows reduction in overhead costs while improving overall profit margins.


As one of the industry leader, we constantly search for new methods to meet the needs of our customers. For our property developers, their customers would receive;

  • Customer service support; our service team will continually assist any enquiry.
  • Outstanding service; over 70% of our client’s customers are recommended to us by their friends and family who would have personally experience our excellent service.


On In-house Mortgage Team

We are confident to claim that we have a unique service that allows quicker sales which is our very own in-house mortgage team. In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our company, we aim to provide a one-stop center that provides internal coordination throughout the sales process from initial booking up to the signing of loan agreements. Thus we have developed our specialised “in-house” team for mortgage consultant services. Team members in our company are carefully selected based on their experiences and willingness to put in the extra mile in delivering value added services to our customers.


Our team’s objective is to follow up closely with customers and bankers from various banks on the loan processing status which will eventually result in higher approval ratio of the application. This subsequently helps create a faster conversion process. Ultimately, our clients will definitely benefit from this service as they do not need to spend time in monitoring tedious banking processes and thus, able to focus on the disbursement of progressive payments and constructions.


In the property consulting industry, we go extra mile by including in-house mortgage services which would surely assist the final customers in the efforts of securing their dream home. It is the nature of customers to expect special treatments for their investments and this is exactly what we aim to achieve at Premier Plus. We ensure that high-level services are provided at all times as we plan to exceed the standard set by leading developers continuously.


Aiming to reinforce our image via our brand, we deliver a transparent and detailed experience for our clients. From first contact to the signing of Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA), we constantly keep our customers informed and updated as our ultimate goal is to be consistently in-touched with them before they approach us. We also stay in constant contact with developers, realtors and employees, providing them with proactive and timely status updates.