About Premier Plus: Our Profile

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Premier Plus Property Sdn. Bhd. is the one of the best one-stop property consultants with professional partnerships with several financial institutions in Johor. Since its incorporation in 2006, we have introduced ourselves as an organisation that serves end purchasers and property developers professionally. Premier Plus Property Sdn. Bhd. is known as one of the best property consultants in Johor as we market residential and commercial properties supported by in-house mortgage consultancy services.


About Premier Plus: Our Profile  

Premier Plus Property Sdn Bhd. ('Premier Plus') is the state’s leading property outsourcing company specialising in Residential & Commercial Marketing and Mortgage Consultancy which is based in Johor Bahru, Johor. Since its incorporation in 2006, we have come a long journey in introducing ourselves as a company that not only serves end customers, but also property developers looking at outsourcing its sales and marketing efforts.


Premier Plus is one of the best known properties marketing consulting companies in Johor. In the year 2013, we have achieved a total transaction of not less than RM 2.25 billion selling up to 3224 units of properties. By the end of 2016, we have already sold up to 7985 units with a total selling price of RM 4.6 billion thus giving us the opportunity to be one of Johor’s No 1 Residential & Commercial property marketing companies.


There are several key factors that leads to our success. First and foremost, our experience within the property line enables us to create products with the right price and packaging. This allows us to market various properties with extraordinary results successfully. Our previous outstanding track record has created a buzz for our product and services through advertising and different modes of communication. Additionally, due to our excellent reputation, the number of queries we received from end users as well as invitations from current and prospective clients (developers) has increased drastically. Hence, we are confident to claim that Premier Plus is one of Johor’s leading one-stop integrated property marketing companies in Johor.


Subsequently, the application of effective and efficient trainings provided for our staffs is another key factor that leads to our success. Our company constantly emphasises on achieving out targets through trainings. Specifically, successful candidates selected from our selection process (recruitment) familiars themselves with our conducive working environment. Our training process is well-designed by our management team and it is consistently improved and modified via the adaptation of various training methods applied by several well-developed countries which includes Singapore, Hong Kong, U.S.A, Canada as well as certain European countries. Our training process has helped us develop countless professional, committed and experienced team members effectively. With such talents in our organisation, we are confident to deliver based on our clients’ (developers) specific requirements on-time.


Premier Plus is one of the property marketing outsourcing companies equipped with our own in-house mortgage, marketing, design and administrative team. This enables us to assist in the overall procedure for the sales and purchase of property, from loan application process, signing of legal documents, up to the dealing with loan documentations with clients. All these are done in a very efficient and effective way whereby a fast conversion process is ensured. It is important for our clients (developers) to manage their cash flow in order to reduce unnecessary costs such as financial cost, construction cost and holding cost. This in fact is another key factor that contributes to the company’s success.


Members of our organisation come from various industries that specialises in diversified areas of expertise. Our expert management team consists of top salespersons, experienced marketers from different developers, experienced ex-bankers from well renowned banks and professional accountants with excellent educational backgrounds and specialties. With such diverse talent, Premier Plus can always rely on our own experienced staffs in best decision-makings for the company and clients. Furthermore, Premier Plus also provides the best trainings for our own staffs which in-turn created an organised and effective sales system that delivers outstanding sales results.



“To be the best one-stop integrated property marketing consultant in Johor with value-added and cost-effective services through integrity and commitment.”



“To be the most sought-after property marketing consultant in Johor that provides the very best services to our clients and employees with a well-trained and dedicated team of professionals.”